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5 Business Cards Ideas
Since you must be brainstorming what your business cards could look like, we thought it would be helpful to let you know some of the products and services we can do for you.
JANUARY 2014 Printing Tips

If you are like us, you might be wonder where the holidays went. It all happened so quickly and now we are in a new year! We decided to start this year off with a new product that had been getting a lot of requests, Die-Cut cards!

Online business keyword marketing tips

We know that many of you are interested in marketing, after all you have come to MorningPrint for marketing products and we find that many online businesses such as MorningPrint focus on keywords to help boost business. We are by no means experts in the field however we do know the keyword marketing we have done has been affective and has increased business so we thought we would take the time to share.

Design & Printing Tip August 2013

Raised ink is by far one of our most popular finishing options. Raised ink for those of you who are not familiar- Raised ink / Thermography is a process in which heat is applied to a CLEAR epoxy, causing the designated area to rise. Unlike embossing the raised ink does not affect the opposite side of the card (no indentation is made).

Design & Printing Tips July 2013

MorningPrint client Charlotte Tang designed a custom shape business card made with a die cut that we are excited to feature in our tip of the month.
MorningPrint has standard sizes for each product. For example the standard trim size of MorningPrint??s paper cards is 3.54?? x 1.97??. Just like all ??gang?? printers we unify the same size products so that we can use one plate to process. This method is both economical and efficient.

June Design & Printing TIP
Foiling your company logo or name alone will add a shine and elegance to your design but embossing will actually help raised that area a bit more to create not only a texture but give more of a unique look that will really accent the desired area. 
The below sample is from one of our clients, Susan Magdaleno. Susan used both foiling and embossing on her text.
May 2013
Corinne Landeene came to us with a special request. Instead of the typical Rounded Corners option, she was looking to cut one corner with a straight edge. We thought a ??die cut?? after printing could achieve this. However the whole die cutting process increases labor and product costs because a custom blade is required. Not to mention 0.19?? (5mm) of space is needed all over from the edge of the document. So while it could be done, we found that it wasn??t very economical for just one corner to be cut this way....

global express shippinh serving to more than 200 cuuntries at lowest proces.
global express shippinh serving to more than 200 cuuntries at lowest proces.
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