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Product List
Finishing optionFoil / Signature Pads / Sequential Numbering / Bar Coding / Hole Punched / Slot Punched / Magnetic Stripes / Embossing & Tipping / Scratch off
Available ProductsStandard PVC Card / PVC Card + Silver glitter / PVC Card + Gold glitter
Foil Accents
Foil Accents 1
Foil Accents 2
Gold, Silver, Hologram, Blue, Green, Black, Red Foil
  • Signature
  • There is no extra charge for size change or number of Signiture Pads.
Sequential numbering
  • Sequential numbering
  • This option can be added to any card order to help in the identification of a card holder or special program that the number may be referencing.
  • Barcoding
  • Each card is capable of carrying a unique barcode on either front and back of the card.
    Barcode allows for many benefits such as allowing for automated work processes that are fast and accurate by scanning stored data.
  • Punch
  • Option: Slot(oval shape for ID clip necklace), Hole(circle shape for tags and ID necklace)
Magnetic Stripes
  • Magnetic Stripes
Magnetic Stripe is a useful option to add to your card. It stores a small amount of information such as customer info, account numbers, member numbers, user ID or also key access codes for locks and other mechanisms, such as ATMs. New card works with existing card readers and software programs.
Embossing & Tipping
  • Embossed number without tipping
  • Embossed number without tipping
  • Gold tipping on Embossed numbers
  • Gold tipping on Embossed numbers
  • Silver tipping on Embossed numbers
  • Silver tipping on Embossed numbers
Tipping refers to coloring tip of the raised or embossed letters with certain colors to make the numbers or letters stand out from the card. Gold and silver colors are available.
*Tipping is free option for Embossing.
Scratch off
  • Scratch off
Add Scratch off to your cards for Pin Number, Scratch-off games, and promotional items.
Finishing Option/Qty.(pcs)25050075010002000
Gold, Green, Blue Foil$35.00$60.00 $85.00 $110.00 $210.00
Silver, Red, Black Foil$35.00$60.00 $85.00 $110.00 $210.00
Hologram Foil$38.00$68.00$98.00$128.00$248.00
Signature Pad$44.50 $57.00 $69.50 $82.00 $132.00
Sequential Numbering$37.50$55.00$72.50$90.00$160.00
Bar coding$39.00 $64.00 $89.00 $114.00 $214.00
Hole punched$26.50 $39.00 $51.50 $64.00 $114.00
Slot punched$26.50 $39.00 $51.50 $64.00 $114.00
Magnetic Stripe only$37.50$55.00$72.50$90.00$160.00
Magnetic Stripe & Encoding$37.50$55.00$72.50$90.00$160.00
Embossing only$37.50$55.00$72.50$90.00$160.00
Embossing & Gold tipping$37.50$55.00$72.50$90.00$160.00
Embossing & Silver tipping$37.50$55.00$72.50$90.00$160.00
Scratch off$37.50$55.00$72.50$90.00$160.00

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1. Please select one possible product for this finishing option.
2. You can upload your own designed file or select one from our free design templates.
3. Please select finishing options and check out for the order completion.
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