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Payment/Payment Methods

Price and amount shown on this Site are in U.S. Dollars (USD), unless otherwise noted. If a User submits a request on the Site to purchase printing products, mailing services, or other services, the User agrees that all charges, taxes and shipping and processing fees will automatically be charged to the credit cards, or paypal account. Such amounts will be posted on this Site.

Once a print job has been approved by the customer, and they have selected "agree to terms" on the Site, no changes are allowed to the order options, printing turnaround time or artwork files after the order has been sent to print.

After a print job has been sent to Morning Print’s prepress department, the customer is responsible for paying the entire amount, or difference due to error in selecting options, along with applicable taxes, shipping, processing fees, and additional charges that are requested

Please note that no work will proceed until your order is paid in full to Morning Print.

Payment Methods

Credit card: Visa, Master, American Express, Discovery. Paypal(*Please read below for eChecks payers.)
* eChecks usually take 3-5 business days* to process. Paying by eCheck will add more days to your turnaround.
Australia3-5 business days
Canada6-8 business days
France8-10 business days
Netherlands4-6 business days
United Kingdom7-9 business days
United States3-5 business days
*Note: Bank processing times vary by the buyer's country.

Certain Countries may be limited to paying by direct wire transfer; this will be indicated during the checkout process (Processing will not begin until wire transfer is received in full).


Coupon codes offered by MorningPrint are not available for cash or credit back. Coupon Codes must be submitted at time of order; they cannot be applied towards purchase after payment has been made. Expired coupons are not valid. Coupon codes are good for one use and do not carry over if the whole value of the coupon is not used. Coupons are not valid for previous purchases. Only one coupon code is allowed per purchase.

Change or Cancellation of your order

Before Checkout / Payment : You can cancel by pressing ‘Delete’ button on your cart before checking out. To make changes on your order before checking out of the cart, press the ‘Edit’ button next to the product, you can make changes or re-upload new files to your account from here.

After Check out or payment : Unfortunately, orders cannot be changed once they have been placed. Due to the very swift nature of our business, we process orders as soon as we receive them. No cancellations or refunds are available on orders that have gone to print. We are running a gang printing service, meaning we run many print jobs at once. Due to this process we cannot stop or make any changes during a print cycle. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you understand our need to keep our costs at a minimum and our turnaround times fast. This helps us provide you with the best value in the printing industry.

Morning Print is not responsible for any duplicated orders or incorrect files or errors that are placed on our web site.

For orders that are placed on hold: you may cancel with no charge within 5 business day of your order being placed on hold. After 5 business days with no communication from the client there will a 15% cancellation fee, after 10 business days with no communication from the client the order will be cancelled and store credit will be issued.

No Proof Service

By placing an order with MorningPrint the client agrees that no proof will be provided. MorningPrint does not have a physical proofing system as we are running a CMYK offset printing service, it is “gang” printing, so we cannot print 1 or 2 proofs, the minimum we can print is 200 based on the stock you are selecting. Because of our low factory pricing many of our clients choose to print the minimum of 200 as a test run.

Your design is considered the digital proof. Uploaded files / designs created using our tools can be viewed in your cart before check out and after check out in your order history. Screen view of design may differ from final product. Screen view cannot show transparency or finishing options as the final product can display.

Holding orders / Orders placed on hold

Please note that if we are unable to print your files because they do not meet our file requirements, or there is a question about design or intent, your order will be placed on hold. You can check the status of your order by logging into “my account”, and clicking on order history. (Please carefully check upload guides to reduce the chance of being placed on hold, or please contact us via cs@themorningprint.com for questions about order specifications)

If you order is placed on hold, your status will read: "Your order in on hold” and you will be informed by one of our staff via email address. You can check the status of your order by logging into “my account”, and clicking on order history. If you have not received an email, please check junk and spam folders as it may have bypassed the inbox, MorningPrint is not responsible for unread emails.

For orders that are placed on hold: you may cancel with no charge within 5 business day of your order being placed on hold. After 5 business days with no communication from the client there will a 15% cancellation fee, after 10 business days with no communication from the client the order will be cancelled and store credit will be issued.

Customers’ Error

Customer errors are not eligible for refund, or reprint. These errors include:

  • Stock selection, the site both describes the stock and a free sample kit is available before purchase.
  • Spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors made by the customer.
  • Poor quality or low-resolution of uploaded images.
  • Design errors or color selection errors selected by the customer in the artwork file creation process.
  • Errors in user-selected options such as product type, size, finishing options, or quantity.
  • misunderstandings of turnaround time as stated on our pages
  • Any error due to not carefully reading web site description, times, instructions.. etc.
  • Incorrect file dimensions, image orientation, or file submission in accordance with Morning Print specifications.
  • Errors caused by any incorrect file upload, or incorrect file format in accordance to Morning Print’s specifications
  • Duplicate orders submitted by the customer.
  • Alignment issues or centering issues that are included in submitted files
  • Disregard for cutting within stated limits on the website
  • Files that are submitted only to the trim line. This type of error may result in a product with an unaligned white border.
    (Morning Print recommends all backgrounds be designed to extend to the full bleed line)
  • Images that are not full bleed
  • Borders incorrect card orientation
  • Blank cards
  • Crop marks
  • Incorrect special option order
  • Hard to read text and images
  • Missing logos
  • Mini images
  • Low resolution images
  • Pixilated files
  • Colors that are out of gamut
  • Designs that are outside of our stated safe zone. (Morning Print recommends that text and other graphical objects be placed well within the safe zone. Customers should leave some space between the objects and the safe zone boundary.)
  • Designs that have a border;
  • Files with rounded corners designed into the image.
  • Incorrect shipping address, undeliverable packages/3rd delivery attempts, or other errors committed by the Customer.
  • Damage to the products after delivery to the customer.


Please check customer error section above before inquiring about a reprint.

If your print is found to be defectivedue to the fault of Morning Print, then you may contact Morning Print to submit a claim within 5 business days of receiving your order, via email. Please submit 2 high resolution images: Image 1- Close up shot of one business card clearly showing the defected areas, Image 2- displaying 20 business cards in one shot with the same defect. Please include an explanation of Morning print’s technical error to: cs@themorningprint.com

We request email claim for documentation purposes for MorningPrint’s factory.

MorningPrint will respond within 2-3 working business days.

If product is found to be defective, due to Morning Print’s error, we will reprint at no charge to the customer with the same production and delivery terms extending from the time of resolution.

Product, stock, file or design changes are not acceptable on reprint.

Issues that MorningPrint is not responsible for and are not valid for reprint/refund:

  • Slight color shifts:
    • We do no guarantee 100% color match but match as closely as possible within CMYK industry standards
    • Card color may shift from design displayed on computer monitors (we cannot compensate for RGB values you may be viewing through your screen)
    • Color results may differ from stock to stock as some stocks absorb ink more than others due to thickness, coating, texture etc.
    • Color results may differ on stocks that are colored, or stocks that are transparent
    • Color results can shift using the same design when the design is printed at different times as weather and other external factors can affect the outcome
    • Colors printed on the front and back of the card may have a shift even if the same value is used as they are run at separate times
    • Raised Ink / Spot UV may shift the color of the printed area
  • Off center cuts due to 1-2mm margin of error (due to characteristics of the stock, pressure placed on product when being cut, as well as outside factors that may affect the printing process such as weather, humidity etc.)
  • Off center finishing options. All Finishing options are done after cutting so it may shift up to an 1/8th of an inch. So this should be compensated in artwork and keep art simple. Finishing option should not be aligned to printed areas due to this shift.
  • Finishing options that have lost detail or do not register due to small / thin fonts / small details and thin lines. Finishing options can be a delicate process and due to the limitations certain point sizes may not register (Recommended minimum 8pts or above depending on font).
  • The activation of QR codes. QR codes are considered design, and MorningPrint will not be held responsible for codes that do not scan properly. MorningPrint cannot compensate for QR readers and or software. MorningPrint also cannot compensate for how the scanned information is displayed as fields displayed may vary from phone to phone depending on the software being used. We recommend printing a life sized version of the QR code and testing it before placing any orders (please keep in mind that colored stocks & stocks with transparency are not recommended for QR codes).
  • Print quantity may vary +/- 5-10%. Morning Print is not responsible for the shortage of the print.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. Due to the nature of our business, we process jobs as soon as we receive them. No refunds are available on orders that have been sent to print.

In some cases, a refund may be offered to the customer if no work has been done by Morning Print on that print job

For orders that are placed on hold: you may cancel and refund with no charge within 5 business day of your order being placed on hold. After 5 business days with no communication from the client there will a 15% cancellation fee, after 10 business days with no communication from the client the order will be cancelled and store credit will be issued.


MorningPrint does not guarantee any deadlines. All listed Turnaround times are estimates. Gang printing does not allow us to review the results of the product until the print is completed, in the rare case that there should there be any quality issues, additional days may be needed to reprint.

No rush services are available as MorningPrint’s printing systems are already optimized to be as quick as possible. Clients must allow enough time for estimated turnaround times to be completed plus any additional days needed for possible delays.

Turnaround or Production does not start until order has gone to print (status will read “printing”). You can check the status of your order by logging into “my account”, and clicking on order history. Please note that if we are unable to print your files because they do not meet our file requirements, your order status will read: "Your order in on hold", and your turnaround time will be reset (please refer to Holding section above).

Turnaround times depend on the stock and finishing options you choose. Our time table is based on business days and does not include weekend or holidays, or if your order is placed on hold. We understand that getting your order to you is important, which is why we have optimized our system to produce everything as quickly as possible. For this reason there are no options to expedite / rush orders.

To determine your specific turnaround time please consider 3 things:

The Production time of your stock + The Production time of any finishing options + Shipping

Estimated product production time can be found in the description section by clicking on any of our available stock. These times reflect the duration it takes to produce the product and does not list the added times for finishing options or shipping. Production times may vary based on custom designs, and print quality so that MorningPrint can produce a the best product.

Spot UV: 2-3 days
Foiling: 2 production days
Raised Ink: 2 production days
Press Embossing: 2 production days
Rounded Corners / Punch: 2 production days
Braille: 5 production days

*Custom requests (size / shape / finishing) must be submitted to our contact customer center for review before the order is placed to determine if it is possible. Please allow 2-3 business days for the factory to review any custom requests. If approved by the factory custom request could increase the turnaround time 2-3 times. Please refer to our FAQ section regarding how to submit your request to be reviewed.


After production is completed, we ship your order through DHL: 2 business days. However, additional number of days may be required for some regions and nations to clear customs. Additional days may be required if your area is not serviced by DHL, as they will hand off to a third party carrier. To find out if you are in a DHL service area please visit: http://www.dhl.com/en/country_profile.html Or call DHL at 1-800-225-5345.

*Please note: DHL requires a physical address to deliever to as it is a door to door service they provide. POBOX address are not valid for delievery

While this turnaround time does not guarantee shipping, Morning Print will always act to make sure that any production difficulties do not delay delivery schedules. In no case shall Morning Print be liable for any consequential or damages resulting from any delay in shipment or delivery.

All customers agree not to hold Morning Print liable for delays in shipments caused by weather conditions, shipping company delays, international customs issues or any other circumstances beyond our direct control. Shipment and delivery dates are calculated based upon estimates provided by our suppliers.

Morning Print will always act to make sure that delivery schedules are met. However, unexpected equipment failure, malfunction and or technical problems may delay the printing process. In case of delay caused by technical difficulty, express order charges/fees will be refunded or waived where applicable. However, technical difficulty will not be the grounds for order cancellation.

Shipping Tariffs/Tax:
Tariff rate and policy for print materials and business cards differ by nation. Thus, we cannot provide specific information. However, it is possible to deliver to most of the nations without special tax. If tariff is levied, this should be paid by the customer.

Countries delivery is available:
We currently extend our international delivery services to more than 200 countries with very low freight fee. We ship within 2-4 business days to all over the world by DHL Express. In North America, delivery is available to all the states and regions in the US and Canada. As for EU, delivery is available to all EU nations including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, and more.

  • 1. North America
  • 2. South America
  • 3. Europe
  • 4. Africa
  • 5. Asia
  • 6. Australia
  • 7. Antarctic


All content on this site is the property of Morning Print, Morning Print.com or the parties from whom Morning Print has licensed such content, and is protected by United States and international copyright laws. All artwork, business card designs, and other artwork templates on this site is the exclusive property of Morning Print and are protected by United States and international copyright laws. All software used on this site is the property of themorningprint.com or its software suppliers and is protected by United States and international copyright laws. All material and software rights are reserved worldwide. It is strictly prohibited to copy, redistribute, or republish any of the material or software contained on the Morning Print.com site.

Changes to Policies

Changes to Policies Morning Print reserves the right to add to, delete from, or modify any part of Terms of Service & Polices, which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you and at any time without prior notice. By accessing any page on this site, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. These Terms of Service govern your access to this site and our products. Morning Print provides its service to you, subject to the following Terms of Service, which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you.
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